A.   The benefits are various for each company, however we can surely say that your work load in purchasing or selling will be less, along with reduction in human error in many areas which all can be consider as man-hour reduction.

A.   We are sorry to say that GS-EDI is only comes in English language, at this current time we do not have any plan to add any other language for GS-EDI interface.

A.   GS-EDI is consider a Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud computing that you can subscribe, as for the subscription fee schedule you can find it on the GS-EDI downloaded application form, or you can contact us for the subscription fee schedule matrix.

A.   In terms of Hardware is not so much you need to prepare, what you need are your PC or Notebook with internet connection and a web browser, suggested Edge or Chrome. You will need the provided log-in information.

A.   Here is the part you need to contact us by download GS-EDI application form along with Terms and Conditions. You (or your management) need to fill out the application form and both documents need to be signed by an authorized person in your organization, then scan and email to us Subscription@th.GS-EDI.com

A.   GS-EDI support team is fully operational and ready to handle your issue, at the time when your GS-EDI has been setup, our support team sent the assigned users invitation email to register Service Desk Plus (SDP) if you are not registered user and need to be, please have the authorized person request additional account in SDP

A.   We preferred English language, however our team can also support in Thai and Japanese language as well.